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Some of my most recent work involves layering copper, brass, and silver in jewelry as well as switchplates... I am thoroughly enjoying the new challenges and the new possibilities this opens up.

I've also been making larger copper bowls that I find exciting, and hopefully soon I will be posting photos of fountains. Always expanding!

You can see some of my jewelry and bowls here, and my custom handmade copper switchplates here.

I've also added a page that describes the process of creating a heavy silver tree cuff (pictured at right) here,

My other offerings include a collection of photographs of Italy taken by my Grandfather, Albert Theodore Ostberg, while he served in WWII, telling a story of great beauty and character and presence. I hope you will take some time to enjoy these works, and perhaps help me identify places or people where my info is lacking. All comments are very welcome! The Main Photo Gallery can be seen here. Prints and cards are available.



         Photo Gallery, Italy 1943-45

And you can still find some of my previous work here -- they are not available for sale, but you may enjoy seeing my Nature Mandalas, Watercolors, a photo gallery of mushrooms, another of baby hummingbirds. and homages to my sweet Angel Wolf-Dog and my most prickly and adorable hedgehog friend, Harold. Someday I will create a page for my most amazing and wonderful Catahoula Hound, Gracie, but for now you will have to show up at one of my shows to meet her.

The Silver City Art Market opened for the 2014 season May 10th in our usual spot in downtown Silver City. You can find me there Saturdays 8:30-2:00 through October 25th.  Or:  
     Silver City Blues Fest Memorial Day Weekend
     Pickamania Labor Day Weekend, Sept 13-14
     Los Golindrinas Renaissance Fair, Sept 20-21, 2014
     Mimbres Harvest Festival, Oct 11, 2014
     The Gila Winterfest in Downtown Gila Nov 29
      The Studio Sale at Mimbres Hot Springs Ranch Dec 6-7

Hope to see you there!

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